Participated field activities


2001                POST-WOCE Hydrography. North Pacific and Bering Sea.
RV MIRAI     55 days

2001-2004       Marine Biogeochemical Cycle Research. East China Sea, Sea of Japan, Toyama Bay.
Tansei, Nagasaki, Kakuyo Maru     94 days

2006                OPP. BWZ. Drake Passage.                            
RV Palmer     42 days

2007                CLIVAR I09N. Indian Ocean.                           
RV Revelle     42 days

2008                US. GEOTRACES Intercalibration. North Atlantic.
RV Knorr     20 days

2009                CLIVAR I05. Indian Ocean.                             
RV Revelle     57 days

2010                US. GEOTRACES. North Atlantic.                   
RV Knorr     20 days

2011                OPP. SEAFARERS. Ross Sea.                          
RV Palmer     30 days

2011                US. GEOTRACES. North Atlantic.                   
RV Knorr     30 days

2013/14          CLIVAR A16S. South Atlantic.                         
RV Ron Brown     42 days

2015                US. GEOTRACES. Arctic Ocean.                      
USCGC Healy.     64 days

2017                An international nutrient inter-calibration cruise. Southern Ocean.
RV investigator.     14 days

2018                US. GEOTRACES. Pacific Ocean.                     
RV Revelle     65 days